SKU# F39WE261SD500

WHITE ELM 60 X 120

Size: 5x10 WHITE ELM 60 X 120


F39 - WE261 White Elm - 60x144
Textured/Suede (SD) - Low gloss, textured finish - 8.5 Nominal Gloss Units



High pressure laminate is manufactured in a flat press by combining decorative papers saturated in melamine resin with phenolic-impregnated kraft layers at pressures exceeding the NEMA specification of 750 psi (5.17 MPa) and temperatures approaching 300° F (150° C). The panels are trimmed to size and the backs are sanded to facilitate bonding. The thickness of the laminate is determined by the number of kraft layers used. The laminating process combines the durability of melamine resins with the aesthetics of decorative papers creating a surfacing material that has been the standard for well over forty years.

Three standard grades of Pionite laminate are suitable for most applications.

  • Postforming Type F39 is designed for manufacturing countertops and other horizontal surfaces where the laminate may be heated and rolled over the substrate edge to eliminate seams.
  • Type F28 is designed for applications where impact resistance is less critical. Type F28 can also be postformed.

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F39 = THICKNESS 0.039 WIDTH = 30,36,48,60 LENGTH = 96, 120, 144