SKU# 75PB2.2512

WC PB 3/4-in 25 1/4 x 145, West Coast Particle Board

Size: 25.25"x145" Weight: 76.28 PC TSCA Title VI Compliant


West Coast UltraBlend™
3/4" - 25-1/4" X 145"


Particleboard is manufactured in large sheets of various dimensions from refined wood shavings, chips and sawdust, along with other binders and additives.

Smooth, grainless and exceptionally consistent, particle board is a cost-efficient wood panel substitute for a variety of applications including home and office furniture, shelving and kitchen cabinets, as well as commercial, institutional fixtures and countertops.

Particleboard offers:

  • Greater costs savings
  • Flexible panel sizing to reduce waste and shipping costs
  • Smooth finishing surfaces for easy laminating and finishing
  • Strength and dimensional stability

Product Downloads:
SDS-Roseburg Particle Board
SpecSheet-Roseburg Ultra Blend-MP
SpecSheet-Roseburg Ultra Blend-PB
SpecSheet-Roseburg Ultra Blend-SB
SpecSheet-Roseburg Ultra Blend-TY
SDS-Wood Dust

TSCA Title VI Compliant