Walnut Automatic 15/16-in 500-ft Roll, Edgebanding

Weight: 5 PC WALNUT AUTOMATIC 15/16" 500' ROLL

WOODTRIM® Automatic Edgebanding

Walnut - 15/16" X 500' Roll
.018" +/- .002"
Fleece Backed - Non-Glued

Woodtrim® is our genuine wood edgebanding. It is available with a variety of backers and a virtually endless combination of different widths, species and thicknesses. Fleece backed Woodtrim® is our most universally used and most cost efficient wood edgebanding. This is the standard wood edgebanding used on automatic edgebanders. Fleece backed Woodtrim® is also available Pre-Glued (with a hot melt glue applied to the backer) for use on a tabletop edgebander or applied by hand with an iron.

Material Safety Data Sheet

Fleece Backed 15/16" wide X 500' length - NO GLUE