SKU# FS575165

STF D150/48 P150 GR/100 6IN PAPER

STF D150/48 P150 GR/100 6IN PAPER


Multi-Jetstream 2 sanding discs - 575165
STF D150/48 P150 GR/100

Granat is durable enough to effectively work on hardwoods such as cherry, mahogany, and oak, yet also gentle enough to be used on soft woods such as cedar and pine. Lower grits, in the 40 to 80 range, are great for smoothing uneven wood and removing paint, while the 400+ grits allow you to get a mirror finish on your projects.

High material removal capacity with maximum dust extraction. The patented MULTI-JETSTREAM 2 pad guarantees outstanding sanding results thanks to its unique functional principle. MULTI-JETSTREAM 2 is defined by the unique interaction between intake air and exhaust air – with optimum dust extraction right up to the edge. The result is virtually 100% dust extraction for a consistently high material removal rate, top surface quality, and a healthy working environment.


  • Processing modern paint systems
  • Recommended for VOC clear coats
  • Processing hard sublayers
  • Processing plastics, mineral materials, acrylic, repair compounds, fillers


  • Qty. in pack 100 Pieces
  • Grit P150