#9-10 x 3 inch Square Flat Head Wax Black Screw - 500 Count Box

Size: 9x3 SQ FLAT HD BLACK (500 screws per BOX)

#9 Body X 3" with #8 Flat Head with Nibs, Coarse Thread, Square Drive, Cabinet Screws
Type 17 Point allows for quicker starting.
Flat head with Nibs under the head help the screw to countersink and sit flush.
Cabinet assembly screws for use when working with softwoods, hardwoods or melamine.
Coarse threads provide greater holding power. Heat-treated for added strength.

  • Diameter: #9
  • Length: 3"
  • Head: #8 Flat with Nibs
  • Drive: Square
  • Coarse thread
  • Made of steel construction.
  • Black
  • Box count: 500 each