#6 x 1 inch Square Drive Flat Head Screws -1000 Count Box

Size: 6x1 SQ DRIVE FLAT HD ZC, T17 (13,000/BOX)

#6 X 1" Flat Head, Coarse Thread, Type 17 Point, Square Drive Wood Screws
Type 17 Point for attaching items to the edge of hardwoods but will work in many wood applications.
For a wide variety of hardware applications, including drawer slides and hinges.

  • Diameter: #6
  • Length: 1"
  • Head: Flat
  • Drive: Square
  • Coarse thread
  • Type 17 Point
  • Used with hinges and drawer slides.
  • Made of steel construction.
  • Zinc coated
  • Box count: 13,000 each