Red Oak 1 3/4-in S4S, Stock S4S Mouldings

RED OAK 1 3/4" S4S


Face Frame - 13/16 x 1-3/4
Surfaced 4 Sides - Lengths may vary

Face Frame:
Face frame is a reference to a framed cabinet’s trim boards that are visible on its face.

Wood Description
Red Oak sapwood ranges from white to light brown in color. Most varieties of Red Oak heartwood will have golden, reddish tones, although some display deeper, reddish-brown tones. The wood has a course texture with a straight grain and shorter rays than White Oak.

Slow maturity means tight growth rings, strong fibers and consistent grain patterns which give Appalachian lumber it coveted beauty, strength and durability.

The natural conditions that create the Appalachian Mountains' magnificent scenery also produce the world's most beautiful hardwoods. Appalachian Hardwoods grown in the region stretching from northern Georgia to western New York are unique in all the world. Here, at elevations of 1,000 feet and up, all the elements create the ideal environment for superior quality hardwood trees.

Working Properties
Its excellent working properties have made Red Oak popular throughout American history for furniture construction and cabinetry. It machines well with moderate blunting of equipment. Red Oak holds nails and screws well, although pre-boring is recommended for best results. Red Oak is a very hard, heavy wood with good stiffness and excellent crushing strength. Red Oak stains to an attractive finish with medium-, golden- and dark-toned stains.

Main Uses
Red Oak is a popular wood for furniture, especially Mission, country and contemporary styles. It is also used widely in cabinetry, flooring, architectural millwork, mouldings, paneling and caskets.

Face Frame 13/16" x 1-3/4"