Poplar Hardwood Lumber FAS 8/4-in


Rough Cut – Random Widths – Random Lengths

Poplar sapwood ranges in color from creamy white to greyish-white to white with a yellowish cast and is sometimes striped. The heartwood, which is usually tan, also presents a variety of tones, sometimes with a slightly greenish cast, and occasionally with dark purplish streaks. Poplar offers a uniform, fine texture and is light to medium in weight with a straight grain.

Yellow Poplar is exceptionally easy to work with both hand and machine tools, although its woolly texture can blunt tools slightly. It planes and turns beautifully and has satisfactory nailing properties with good screwing and gluing properties. It is a medium-density wood with low shock resistance and stiffness. It does not shape or sand well, but holds paint, enamel, and stain well. On occasion, stain will produce patchy results.

Region: Eastern United States


  • 8/4" Poplar Lumber
  • FAS
  • Random widths/lengths
  • Region: Eastern United States
  • Utility wood - Seldom used for its appearance
  • Low density can sometimes leave fuzzy surfaces and edges.
  • Used for furniture framing, drawers, mouldings, millwork, boxes, pallets and crating.