Poplar Board 2 1/4-inch S4S

POPLAR 2 1/4" S4S

Poplar Lumber

Face Frame/S4S - 13/16 x 2-1/4
Lengths may vary

Face Frame:
Face frame is a reference to a framed cabinet’s trim boards that are visible on its face.

Wood Description
Poplar sapwood ranges in color from creamy white, to greyish-white, to white with a yellowish cast, and is sometimes striped. The heartwood, which is usually tan, also presents a wide variety of tones, sometimes with a slightly greenish cast, and occasionally with dark purplish streaks. Poplar offers a uniform, fine texture and is light to medium in weight with a straight grain.

The Yellow Poplar is one of the most abundant hardwoods in the Eastern United States. Poplar grows throughout the Appalachian region and is also found in the South along the Gulf Coast, in central Florida, and in areas of Arkansas and Louisiana.

Working Properties
Yellow Poplar is exceptionally easy to work with both hand and machine tools, although its woolly texture can blunt tools slightly. It planes and turns beautifully, and has satisfactory nailing properties, with good screwing and gluing properties. It is a medium-density wood with low shock resistance and stiffness. It does not shape or sand well, but holds paint, enamel and stain well. On occasion, stain will produce patchy results.

Did you know
The poplar tree is rarely attacked by parasites.

Yellow poplar trees grow taller than any other U.S. hardwood species and they are members of the magnolia family. Tree heights can reach 150 feet. The bark, leaves, flowers, fruit and roots contain pharmaceuticals. Poplar is the state tree of Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Main Uses
Poplar gained wide usage for furniture framing and drawers in the early part of the 20th century. Today, it often is used for mouldings and millwork, edge-glued panels, turnings, carvings, musical instruments, boxes, pallets and shipping crates. Poplar is also used widely in plywood veneers and particle board.

Face Frame 13/16" X 2-1/4" S4S