Ponderosa Pine, Softwood Plywood, 5/8-in B/B LC

Size: 4x8 Weight: 55 PC TSCA Title VI Compliant

Ponderosa Pine Plywood

5/8" - B/B - Lumber Core - 4'x8'


Type: Ponderosa Plywood

Classification: Softwood Plywood

"B" - Both side veneers with only a few small knots or discolorations suitable for painting.

Ponderosa Pine has a very wide distribution throughout western North America and is one of the most important lumber species in the western United States. Although Ponderosa Pine is technically classified as a yellow (hard) pine, it shares many characteristics with white (soft) pines, having a considerably lower density than the yellow pine species found in the eastern United States.

Workability: Ponderosa pine works well with both hand and machine tools. Glues and finishes well.

Common Uses: Veneer, plywood, sheathing, subflooring, boxes, crates, posts/poles, interior trim, cabinetry, and construction lumber.

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Material Safety Data Sheet

TSCA Title VI Compliant