Pecan A1 Plain Sawn (P/S), Hardwood Plywood, 3/4-in

Size: 4x8 Weight: 58 PC TSCA Title VI Compliant

Hickory/Pecan Plywood

A1 - Plain Sliced
3/4" - 4'x8' - Veneer Core


Type: Pecan/Hickory Plywood

Classification: Hardwood Plywood

Where it Grows
Hickory grow in the Eastern U.S. in the Central and Southern states. Tree height ranges from 60 to 120 feet. Hickory grow slowly and it is not unusual for a tree to take 200 years to mature.

General Description
The hickory are an important group within the Eastern hardwood forests. Botanically they are split into two groups; the true hickory, and the pecan hickory (fruit bearing). The wood is virtually the same for both and is usually sold together. Hickory is the hardest, heaviest and strongest American wood. The sapwood of hickory is white, tinged with inconspicuous fine brown lines while the heartwood is pale to reddish brown. Both are coarse-textured and the grain is fine, usually straight but can be wavy or irregular.

Working Properties
The heaviest of American hardwoods, the hickory can be difficult to machine and glue, and are very hard to work with hand tools, so care is needed. They hold nails and screws well, but there is a tendency to split so pre-boring is advised. The wood can be sanded to a good finish. The grain pattern welcomes a full range of medium-to-dark finishes and bleaching treatments. It can be difficult to dry and has high shrinkage.

Main Uses
Hickory is used for tool handles, furniture, cabinetry, flooring, paneling, wooden ladders, dowels and sporting goods.

Plain Sliced Veneers: Plain slicing (also known as Plain Sawn or Flat Cut) a log produces thin veneers that are no wider than the log and have a pronounced repeating grain pattern. These pieces must be combined to make a plywood face by "matching" the pieces as desired.

Book Matched: Book Matching is the practice of matching two (or more) wood so that two adjoining surfaces mirror each other, giving the impression of an opened book. Usually done with veneer (produced in one of several ways), but can also be done with solid wood.

Product Downloads:
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SDS-Fly Ash
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SDS-PureBond Domestic VeneerCore - Spanish
SDS-PureBond-pMDI-CompositeCore - Spanish

TSCA Title VI Compliant