SKU# 118MDF58-SO

MDF 1 1/8" 61 x 97 SPECIAL ORDER

Size: 5x8 Weight: 183.6 Piece MDF 1 1/8" 61 x 97 SPECIAL ORDER

Medium Density Fiberboard

1-1/8" - 61" X 97"


Type: MDF

Classification: Medium Density Fiber Board

Medium density fiber board (MDF) is a non-structural, interior product and one of the most rapidly growing composite board products to enter the world market in recent years.

Although MDF uses much of the same types of recovered and recycled wood waste as Particleboard, it is refined differently using a high energy refiner that acts like in a steam pressurized “digester” allowing the raw material to become softened and to actually change physically and chemically. MDF is an excellent substrate that is very smooth, stable, and flat and offers superior design flexibility.

Product Downloads:
Safety Data Sheet
Flame Spread Performance
SDS-Wood Dust Label

TSCA Title VI Compliant