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MELAMINE - LONDON GREY 2-SIDES - 3/4" - 61 x 97

Size: 5x8 LONDON GREY 2S 3/4" 5X8

Melamine - London Grey

PBC Core - Z Finish
3/4" - 61" x 97" - London Grey 2 Sides

London Grey One Side - Raw Back

Roseburg Duramine® Decorative Melamine panels consist of melamine, resin saturated decorative papers, thermally fused under heat and pressure to a substrate of MDF. The thermally fused melamine process permanently bonds the paper and the board therefore there is no glue line to delaminate.

The panels are perfect for a host of applications including cabinets, commercial casework, store fixtures, residential/institutional furniture and closet/garage organizational systems.

Colors may differ slightly from the actual product. We recommend viewing actual samples.

Pionite Color Match: SG213

Product Downloads:
SDS-Laminated or Coated Particleboard
SDS-Wood Dust

TSCA Title VI Compliant