HDO 1S 100/30, Softwood Plywood, Classic 3/4-in

Size: 4x8 Weight: 72 PC HDO 1S 100/30 CLASSIC 3/4"


Classic HDO Concrete Form
3/4" - 4x8 - 100/30 1 side


Type: High-density Overlaid Plywood (HDO)

Classification: Softwood Plywood

Product Description:
Classic™ a high-density overlaid plywood panel with excellent surface durability for gloss concrete finishes. It produces a smooth finish with minimal grain transfer and a high number of uses.

Panel Construction/Moisture Resistance:
Classic™ is constructed of proprietary, high-density overlay on dense proprietary hardwood faced plywood with Douglas Fir/Hemlock inner plys. It is produced with a one-step layup, has a waterproof glue bond and meets APA PS 1-09. Made in the USA.

Working Faces/Treatment:

  • Classic™ is available with one or two working faces. Panels with a single working face are provided with an HDO backer sheet.
  • Gloss level of concrete surface: gloss
  • Wood grain transfer to concrete surface: slight
  • Wood defect transfer to concrete: minimal—no football patches
  • Sugaring: none
  • Maintenance: limited

Working Edges/Treatment:

  • Factory sawn and sealed with special gray, styrene acrylic sealer
  • Seal all exposed wood (edges and holes) with Edge-Flex 645 by Nox-Crete.

Release Coating:

  • Release agent: not factory treated
  • Coating required: light before first and each subsequent pour
  • Recommended release agent: Nox-Crete Release Agent #10 (oil based), Bio-Nox (water based and readily biodegradable) or equivalent.
  • Special applications or use requirements may dictate the need for alternative release agents.

Other Applications:

  • Pallets, bins, totes, crates, reels
  • Tanks, vats, freezer liners, storage lockers, trunks and shelving
  • Animal enclosures, farm buildings & equipment

Product Specifications

SDS-High Density Overlaid Concrete Form