SKU# 125HB

Hard Board Standard S1S 1/8-in, Specialty Composites

Size: 4x8 Weight: 17.7 PC HARD BOARD STANDARD S1S 1/8"


Class 2 Standard
S1S - Smooth One Side
3mm (1/8") - 4'x8'


Hardboard is produced by converting wood into fibers (defibering) and then reconstructing the fibers into panels.

Hardboard is a composite panel manufactured primarily from inter-felted ligno-cellulosic fibers consolidated under heat and pressure in a hot-press to density of 31 pounds per cubic foot or greater. Other materials may be added during the manufacturing process to improve certain properties, such as resistance to abrasion and moisture, and increased strength and durability.

Hardboard is used in a variety of applications including furniture components, wall paneling, exterior siding and trim, underlayment, interior trim, perforated and utility boards.

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NOT CARB COMPLIANT ***Surface is classified as smooth one sided (S1S) the back is considered screen-back.