Furniture Grade Pine 13/16, Planer Rip Line - S2S SLR1E

Weight: 1.45 BF FURNITURE GRADE PINE 13/16
Size :

Furniture Grade Pine Lumber

13/16" SLR1E
Lengths vary

S3S: The board has been surfaced S2S first, then one edge is ripped straight (also known as SLR1E or straight line ripped one edge).

SLR1E: Straight line ripped one edge to give 1 true edge. A rough edge is not recommended for running against a table saw fence. A straight line rip puts a true edge on the board so you can run it against the fence and cut the pieces you need.

Wood Description
Eastern White Pine is a soft Pine known for is light weight and fine, even texture. The sapwood usually appears pale and creamy, sometimes with yellow tones. The heartwood varies from a straw-like color to a deep yellowish-tan color. Resin ducts often appear as fine brown lines. The grain is straight with growth rings that are not well marked.

Eastern White Pine grows in mountainous areas of the Eastern United States from North Georgia into areas of Canada.

Working Properties
Eastern White Pine works easily with both machine and hand tools. It has good nailing and screwing properties and can be finished well with paint, polish or stain.

Main Uses
Eastern White Pine is often used as dimension lumber. Other uses include paneling, flooring and furniture. White Pine logs are also used in log homes. White Pine trades under grade rules that are quite different than hardwood lumber. Grades include C & Better, Cabinet Grade and Furniture Grade. Substitutes may include aspen and Yellow Poplar.

13/16" SLR1E - Lengths vary