Fir AB Exterior Sanded, Softwood Plywood, 23/32-in

Size: 4x8 Weight: 65 PC FIR AB EXT 23/32"

Fir Sanded AB Plywood

Exterior Grade
23/32" (3/4") Thickness - 4'X8'


Type: Fir Sanded Plywood

Classification: Softwood Plywood

AB Fir plywood sanded panel is a plywood panel designed for excellent performance and appearance. It is perfect for all traditional sanded plywood panel applications.

For use where appearance of one side is less important but where two solid surfaces are necessary. Exposure Durability Classifications: Interior, Exposure 1, Exterior.

Exterior panels have a fully waterproof bond and are designed for applications subject to permanent exposure to the weather or to moisture. Exterior panels to be exposed outdoors need to have all edges sealed. Holes and cracks should be filled with putty or plastic wood filler. After dry, sand lightly in the direction of the grain and finish with the desired finish.

Smooth, paintable. Not more than 18 neatly made repairs, boat, sled, or router type, and parallel to grain, permitted. Wood or synthetic repairs permitted. May be used for natural finish in less demanding applications.

Solid surface. Shims, sled or router repairs, and tight knots to 1 inch across grain permitted. Wood or synthetic repairs permitted. Some minor splits permitted.

Product Downloads:
SDS-Softwood Plywood
SDS-Wood Dust

- NAUF (No added Urea Formaldehyde) - CARB COMPLIANT - Meets or exceeds PS 1-95 standards.