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Weight: 12 PC DF 700 EQ-SET USA 120V DOMINOW SET


Domino Joiner
DF 700 XL Set - 574447

With the trim and cross stop included, the Domino 700 perfects mortising narrow stock and edge joining.

The Domino XL saves you time and space because you're occupying a small amount of space in additon to reducing set-up and machining time. For large-scale joinery, this Festool joiner is perfect because it uses thicker, longer tenons up to 5 1/2 inches in length. Your work performance is more efficient as you rapidly switch between a wide range of joint sizes using simple controls and adjustments. This Domino XL joinery system allows you to do precise, reliable adjustments and stops in a matter of seconds unlike what has traditionally taken hours. You're essentially saving time and energy with having perfect, clean, and repeatable mortises every time. Buying new materials for re-cutting work is not necessary with the patented oscillating cutter action because it reduces the chance of kickback. Backed by a three-year warranty, Festool guarantees a quality power tool and years of reliable service.


  • Positioning: With an adjustable fence angle, retractable stop flaps, adjustable cutter height with step gauge, and precise mortise depth stop, the Domino joiner enables precise mortise placement and spacing
  • Carbide Tip Spiral Bit: Durable, long-lasting bit withstands 5,000-14,000 joints depending on material
  • Pivoting Fence: Fence creates angled mortises from 0-90° with positive stops at 22.5°, 45°, 67.5°
  • Stepped Height Stop: 7 different step positions for different material thicknesses for fast and easy fence height adjustment
  • Depth Control: Quick, precise adjustment for five different mortising depths, relative to the size of the tenon required for the application
  • Dust Extraction: Your mortises are clean and ready for glue when the Domino is used in combination with a dust extractor. Proper dust extraction greatly extends cutter life
  • Mortise Width Adjustment: Adjusting the width of the mortise allows for easier alignment when joining panels
  • Rapid Bit Change: Means you can change a bit in under 30 seconds to match desired tenon size
  • Patented Routing Principle: The spiral cutter rotates and oscillates to create perfect mortises


  • Power consumption: 720 watts
  • Cutter Spindle Speed: 21,000 RPM
  • Mortising Depth: Adjusts from 19/32" to 2-3/4" (15-70mm, 5mm increments)
  • Domino Cutter Range: 8 10, 12, 14 mm
  • Miters:0-90°
  • Weight: 11.4 lbs


  • DF 700 XL Joiner
  • D12 (12mm) Domino Cutter
  • Support Bracket
  • Plug-it Power Cord
  • Spindle Wrench
  • Trim Stop
  • Cross Stop
  • Systainer 5 T-Loc

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