Birch A4 1/4-in V-Grooved, Beaded & Decorative Panels

Size: 4x8 Weight: 24 PC

Birch, Natural A4

Rotary Cut
5.2mm (1/4") - 4'x8'
Import - Veneer Core


Working Properties
Generally easy to work with hand and machine tools, though boards with wild grain can cause grain tearout during machining operations. Turns, glues, and finishes well.

Main Uses
Most of these products are being used in the construction of Cabinets, Store Fixtures, Closets, Entertainment Centers, and other furniture applications.

Natural Veneer is composed of both heartwood and sapwood and is generally less expensive than select or uniform veneers.

Rotary Cut
A method used to peel a log into thin sheets of wood as if unrolled from a spool, like paper towels. Rotary cut decorative veneer can give a variegated grain appearance, and can vary tremendously. It is usually the least expensive veneer style. Rotary cutting is the only way to achieve a 48" wide whole-piece face.

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TSCA Title VI Compliant - Veneer Core