Beech Plain Sawn (P/S), Hardwood Plywood, A1 3/4

Size: 4x8 Weight: 60 PC TSCA Title VI Compliant

Beech Plywood

A1 - Plain Sliced
3/4" - 4'X8' - Veneer Core


Type: Beech Plywood

Classification: Hardwood Plywood

General Description
Very light sapwood with light pink to reddish brown heartwood, sometimes with a silvery sheen. More coarse than European Beech. Rays are slightly enlarged and will show up as flake when quarter sliced.

Plain Slicing (also known as Plain Sawn or Flat Cut) a log produces thin veneers that are no wider than the log and have a pronounced repeating grain pattern. These pieces must be combined to make a plywood face by " matching" the pieces as desired.

Product Downloads:
SDS-Formaldehyde_WoodDust - English
SDS-PureBond Domestic VeneerCore - English
SDS-PureBond-pMDI-CompositeCore - English
SDS-Fly Ash
SDS-Formaldehyde_WoodDust - Spanish
SDS-PureBond Domestic VeneerCore - Spanish
SDS-PureBond-pMDI-CompositeCore - Spanish

TSCA Title VI Compliant