BEECH LUMBER S4S - 13/16 x 2


13/16" x 2" Surfaced 4 Sides – Cabinet Facing
Random Lengths

S4S stands for “surfaced on 4 sides”. Our S4S is produced in a moulder with all surface faces and edges very smooth.

Cabinet Facing (aka Face Frame) is typically surfaced S4S to 13/16" from 4/4 lumber to actual width.

Dimensional lumber is commonly S4S and labeled according to nominal size, or the size of the rough board before it was planed smooth. For example, 1x6 is actually 3/4x5-1/2. Dimensional hardwood lumber or S4S lumber is ready to be made into cabinets, furniture or trim.

The heartwood of European Beech is pale in color, ranging in shades from pinkish-brown to an orangey-tan color. Generally, a blond wood, when cut, tones can be found from a pale, pale blond to tan, to medium tan-brown. When steamed, the color becomes a little more reddish-pink in tone. Colors tend to mute and amber over time. European Beech has a straight grain with a fine, even texture.

European Beech provides a medium resistance to both power and hand tools, with a moderate blunting effect on blades. Yet, despite the blunting effect, it machines well, overall. It holds nails and screws well without pre-boring. European Beech glues easily and stains well. It takes finishes beautifully and provides attractive results when stained, lacquered, or varnished.

Superior: The prime quality grade, features a high yield. Superior is three-sides clear and better, predominately four-sides clear. Known for its uniform color and stability.

Region: Germany


  • 13/16" x 2" S4S Beech Lumber
  • Superior
  • Random lengths
  • Region: Germany
  • Lightly steamed
  • Kiln-dried to a moisture content of approx. 7-9%
  • Glues, turns, and finishes well
  • Used for cabinet facing, face frame material, furniture, trim.