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Manufacturer Part #: KVHAL-20 APPLIANCE LIFT

KV Appliance Lift
The Appliance Lift allows for storage and easy access for small appliances. Raises effortlessly with a gas cylinder assist. It locks securely into place. Don’t forget to add the solid maple wood block available in 2 sizes or basket that stores all the accessories.

  • Kitchen Appliances raise effortlessly with gas cylinder
  • Use Appliance lift to assist in the raising and lowering of unit.
  • Can be outfitted with a custom block platform or a quality KV pre-made maple wood platform.
  • Lift can be positioned at two different levels: Flush with counter or 2" below counter.
  • Hardware Mechanism: Left and Right Arm
  • Finish: Platinum
  • Product Width: Platform Surface 2-1/2" or Platform Depth
  • Product Height: 23-61/64"
  • Product Depth: Maximum of 13"