ALDER - SELECT - AC - 3/4" - 4x10 - MDF CORE PANEL

Size: 4x10 ALDER, SELECT AC P/S 3/4" 4x10 MDF

3/4" – 4x10 Alder Select Plywood - Plain Sliced with Plank Match - AC - MDF Core

This Alder PBC panel has an A grade Alder veneer on the face; C/Rustic Alder on the back. This Alder panel is made in the USA.

Alder, when freshly cut, is very pale, almost white in color. As it begins to oxidize, the color grows deeper and takes on golden and red tones. Heartwood occurs only in trees of advanced age. The boundary between Alder sapwood and heartwood is virtually invisible. The wood has a fine, uniform textured with a straight, yet subdued grain.

The A grade veneer is plain sliced and then plank matched with veneer components with similar color and grain to create a uniform appearance for the face.

Plank match is when dissimilar (in color, grain or width) veneer leaves of the same species are specially selected and assembled in a specific order to create a particular look. This method creates a casual or rustic effect. The components may be of different widths within the panel face.

A Grade - the cleanest most uniform combination of natural characteristics and color.
C Grade/Rustic – Our rustic grade (C) provides the most concentrated level of natural characteristics.

TSCA Title VI Compliant

  • Alder Select AC
  • Thickness: 3/4"
  • Size: 4x10
  • Plain Sliced-Plank Match
  • MDF Core
  • Uses include Furniture, Cabinetry, Paneling, Millwork, Musical Instruments
  • TSCA Title VI Compliant