SKU# CPF-2670


Weight: 0.1 PC 1 PIECE TYPE, 100 PER BOX


60mm - Black

These grommets are designed to organize and control wires to desktop and working surfaces. Streamline the desk or work station with this extensive selection of grommets. Telephone wires, computer keyboard cables, desk lighting cords, laptop wires, iPad/iPhone cables and video component cables are easily managed and controlled. By eliminating wire clutter, office and home environments become neater, safer, and more efficient.

The Flexigrom® Wire Grommet features a flexible top that allows multiple wires to be fed from any direction. This grommet also features a one-piece construction that eliminates lost covers or pieces. The soft top is safe for all wires and cables that are fed through the grommet, and will easily allow movement through the grommet without causing damage, while providing a firm grip that will prevent the wires and cables from falling down when not in use.