SKU# 57-3-21-120


3" x 21" P120 GRIT X-WEIGHT

Portable Abrasive Belt

3" x 21" Sanding Belt - 120 Grit

10 per Package

Hiolit X is an excellent abrasive material for belt sanding, especially wide belt machine sanding. This product has excellent edge wear resistance and durability. Hiolit produces extremely high quality results. Use 36-80 grits for aggressive sanding and 100-180 grits for finer finish sanding. All Hiolit belts are assembled with the durable "T-Joint", set at angle to prevent chattering and marking in the material.

Hiolit X is a stiffer product than Hiolit F and Hiolit J and is recommended for belt sanding and other machine sanding. The grits 40-150 are suitable for aggressive sanding, e.g. severe rust damage, and other sanding operations where large amounts of material have to be removed.

  • Durable
  • Super edge wear resistance
  • Provides a high quality sanding result on tough materials

  • GRAIN: Aluminum Oxide
  • BONDING: Resin over Resin
  • BACKING: X-weight cloth
  • COATING: Closed
  • COLOR: Maroon
  • GRIT RANGE: 36-180

Hiolit Belt close-up

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Suited for Automotive, Wood, Composite, Metal