SKU# FS203925

16 Guage Replacement Cord

Weight: 3 PC 16 Guage Replacement Cord


Plug-it Replacement 13' Power Cord
16-gauge - 203925

Replacement 16-gauge power cord is 13 feet long. Comes with TS plunge-cut saws as well as OF 1010 and OF 1400 routers. Works with all tools that have port for detachable plug-it cord. Not as flexible as lower 18-gauge cord that comes with jigsaws, MFK 700 router, Domino joiner, and sanders. Make sure when you insert the cord into the tool port to give it a quarter turn to the right in order to lock it properly and avoid premature wear out.


  • Easily replace damaged cords yourself
  • Save time switching between tools
  • Minimize cable mess
  • Faster and easier to store and transport

Works with:

  • FS575388 - TS 55 REQ-F-Plus-FS USA Plunge Saw
  • FS575390 - TS 75 EQ-F-Plus-FS USA Plunge Saw