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13/16" Surfaced 2 Sides & Straight Line Ripped 1 Edge Random Widths – Random Lengths

S3S – The board has been surfaced S2S first, then one edge is ripped straight (also known as SLR1E or straight line ripped one edge).

The heartwood of European Beech is pale in color, ranging in shades from pinkish-brown to an orangey-tan color. Generally, a blond wood, when cut, tones can be found from a pale, pale blond to tan, to medium tan-brown. When steamed, the color becomes a little more reddish-pink in tone. Colors tend to mute and amber over time. European Beech has a straight grain with a fine, even texture.

European Beech provides a medium resistance to both power and hand tools, with a moderate blunting effect on blades. Yet, despite the blunting effect, it machines well, overall. It holds nails and screws well without pre-boring. European Beech glues easily and stains well. It takes finishes beautifully and provides attractive results when stained, lacquered, or varnished.

Paint Grade: The top-grade without color standard. Superior Color corresponds to the Superior grading-variances in color are allowed. Superior Color Redheart when color is a desired design feature. Select premium grade with a high minimum percentage of Redheart on one side.

Region: Germany

  • 13/16" S2S SLR1E Beech Lumber
  • Paint Grade
  • Random widths/lengths
  • Region: Germany
  • Lightly steamed
  • Kiln-dried to a moisture content of approx. 7-9%
  • Presanded on both sides and subsequently quality sorted.
  • Glues, turns, and finishes well.
  • Used in lumber, veneer, turning, flooring, furniture, boatbuilding and musical instruments.
  • Illustrated Grading Guide


STOP — This item requires more information. You need to provide us with the following information for your lumber order.

Note: Quantity ordered refers to Board Feet.

S2S boards come in random widths and lengths.
These S2S SLR1E boards are calculated as gross before milling.
Typically, you will receive approximately 10% less board footage than you order due to the waste factor from milling.

***Be sure to order enough board footage of material to cover your needs.

Please note – lengths over 10 feet are more expensive to ship.
The following board foot calculator can be used to help you calculate your order.

Board Foot Calculator

The easiest and most common way to calculate board feet is to use a board foot calculator.
Several different board foot calculators are available online or check your app store and download to your phone.

To calculate board feet of lumber, use the following formula:

    Board Feet = Width (inches) x Thickness (inches) x Length (FEET) divided by 12.
    Example – For a piece of lumber 2 inches thick, 6 inches wide and 10 feet long, you calculate board feet as follows:
    Board Feet = (6 x 2 x 10) divide by 12 = 10 board feet.

If your order requires specifics, call to verify we have exactly what you need.
Example: If you order 100 board feet and need one board 8'6" that is at least 8" wide and one board 10' at least 6" wide – be sure to state exactly what you need.

Use the comment section in your shopping cart to provide this information.

  • number of pieces needed.
  • specific widths, if required.
  • specific lengths, if required.