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SKU# SBMD10-801


Size: 10" X 80TOOTH Manufacturer Part #: MD10-801 AGE SAW BLADE - 10" X 80T - TRIPLE CHIP

10" X 80T WITH 5/8" BORE

Designed for Clean Cuts in Plywood and Single-Sided Laminates

These blades are specifically designed for clean cuts in plywood and single-sided laminates.

The greater number of teeth, triple-chip grind and 10° hook angle provide an excellent balance between feed resistance and finishing.

To get a chip-free edge on both top and bottom sides of double-sided laminate, it is recommended to use a scoring blade along with these blades or use a blade which is specifically designed for double-sided laminate.

  • Diameter – 10"
  • Teeth – 80
  • Bore – 5/8"
  • Hook Angle – 10°
  • Kerf – 0.126" (3.2mm)
  • Plate – 0.87" (2.2mm)