Bostik® Glidecote Surface Lubricant GC-1075

SKU: GC-1075
Description: Bostik® Glidecote Surface Lubricant GC-1075
Formerly TopCoat - 10.75 oz. Aerosol can - 12 per carton



207501 - Formerly TopCote

Table Saw and Sliding Surface Lubricant. Here's a dry, durable surface lubricant for saw tables, fences and other frictional tool surfaces. Dries in seconds and provides a dry slip surface that allows wood and other materials to slide almost effortlessly across the surface. It also seals the surface to repel moisture and to reduce rust and corrosion.

New fluoropolymer technology does NOT contain silicones or contaminating oils. Aerosol spray can uses environmentally-safe propellant.