Mirka 23-612-080 Bulldog Gold Grip Disc, 80 Grit - D Back

SKU: 23-612-080
Description: Mirka 23-612-080 Bulldog Gold Grip Disc, 80 Grit - D Back
5 inch, Loop and Hook, Quantity 50



Loop and Hook Disc
80 GRIT D Back

50 per PACKAGE

Mirka's Bulldog Gold is a premium paper-backed abrasive for finishing as well as heavy stock removal. The durable aluminum oxide grain delivers a fast, exceptionally long lasting cut. It features a high strength resin bonded system with C & D-weight backings that are 50% stronger than other premium brands using A-weight backings. Gold is made with an anti-load stearate to provide increased life.

Gold is a durable product very well suited for sanding at high speeds. Gold is an all-round sanding material that can be used for many purposes. In order to achieve an optimal sanding result, the semi-open grit binding and special stearate coating are designed to prevent clogging and pill forming.

  • Coarser grits recommended for:
    • Sanding putty
    • Removing lacquer
  • Finer grits suitable for
    • Dry sanding of surfaces with primer and lacque
  • GRAIN: Aluminum Oxide
  • BONDING: Resin over Resin Progressive Bond™
    • 36 and 40 grit E-weight
    • 60-150 grit D-weight
    • 180-500 grit C-weight
  • COATING: Semi-open
  • COLOR: Gold
  • GRIT RANGE: 36-500

Available as Disc, Sheet, Roll with PSA or Grip attachment. ****Suited for Automotive, Wood, Composites and Metal.