Plywood Company Upgrades To IBOS 3.0

Plywood Company may have the word "plywood" in their name but the company is capable of delivering more than just plywood to its customers. Since 1969, it has earned the distinction of being one of the largest suppliers of "green" products, providing professional builders and contractors with a variety of items such as laminates, hinges, hardwood lumber, abrasives, glue and more.

To ensure that its level of superior service stays the same, Plywood Company upgraded its system by integrating it with Builderwire's new IBOS 3.0. This gives the company a dynamic and more fully-functional e-commerce web storefront capable of servicing customers better by providing them with access to a wider range of products and account management services.

With IBOS 3.0 in place, Plywood Company is able to enhance the way its website showcases its products by displaying real-time product information on its online store catalog. Using Builderwire's Connector Technology, data processed from the company's back-end system is automatically transmitted to its front-end catalog providing customers with up-to-date product information.

IBOS 3.0 also provides a more improved account management system that customers can access and manage any time of the day. Account information includes their invoices, orders, statements, quotes and other balance details. Data - both current and archived - can be accessed and printed in PDF or Excel format for quick and easy filing.

Aside from improving its catalog and account management systems, IBOS 3.0 has also enhanced Plywood Company's content management and e-commerce modules. Created with a more user-friendly interface and packed with a wide range of content tools, Plywood Company can now come up with more dynamic and content-rich filled pages for its customers. It also has an improved Advertisement feature which allows the company to post banner and sidebar ads as well as a Promotions feature that enables Plywood Company to showcase its current promo items.

For more than 40 years, Plywood Company has served as one of the largest independent family-owned plywood and lumber distributors in North Texas. With its diverse line of products and stellar customer service, it has established itself as the company that people can turn to for all their building and construction needs.